The Library of Congress, Office of Inspector General, is asking for the assistance of the public and the musical instrument community in solving one of their oldest cases. In 1981 two rare Ivory sopranino recorders were reported missing from the Library’s Dayton C. Miller flute collection. The recorders, a rare type of flute, were made around 1700, and are two of only a handful known to exist in the world. Both of the recorders are easily recognizable.

The Library’s Music Division will be hosting the upcoming 39th Annual American Musical Instrument Society meeting for the first time in May 2010. The Inspector General is working with prominent figures in the flute community, and is optimistic that they will help facilitate the recorders’ safe return. The Music Division houses one of the largest collections of flutes and flute memorabilia in the world, and is hopeful that the recorders will be returned to their collection.


If you have any information regarding the missing recorders you may report it anonymously to the Library’s Office of Inspector General hotline at (202) 707-6306 or The recorders may be returned anonymously to the Library via U.S. mail to the following address:

Library of Congress/Office of the Inspector General
P.O. Box 15051/Southeast Station