Trying flutes.


So far I never sent out flutes for trying. I would have gone crazy. However all exhibitions have been cancelled. Therefore I will be pleased to send out a flute for trying out of my stock. That means i will send a flute within a week or so.

But so far: My normal way of working with respect to payment is (was) the following. I would like to receive 1/3 of the price as deposit to confirm the order, the rest to be paid within two weeks after receiving the instrument.

Now I still would like to stick to a deposit being paid when a flute for trying out is wanted. I woudl like to send out flutes to players who are seriously considering buying one of course. However, within a week after receiving the flute can be sent back and then also the deposit will be returned.

Often I make payment arrangements when necessary with students and musicians for instance. Also the deposit then usually is smaller then 1/3. We always find a practical way to do this.

Just let me know if this is interesting for you.


I am going to try this two months, if it is not appreciated I am simply going back to my "old ways".


Simon Polak: Early Flutes

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