Central Heating and Deserts


Recently I was a bit with a flue. I nevertheless worked in my workshop but set the central heating on 22 degrees C.
Next morning I came in the workshop to see a half finished boxwood Palanca with a completely curved head, but completely curved. I forgot to set the heating lower overnight. I made a new head. Next morning the left hand joint completely curved. And some more damage.
So that made me think.
Blackwood/grenadilla does not seem to have any problems with it. but the boxwood really suffered. A Renaissance flute that was a bit curved now was ready for hoola hoop. Ebony seems to suffer more from moisture and changes but the boxwood is certainly very sensitive for central heating. It no doubt is low humidity that does it.

So now I have my boxwood flutes that I am producing when I am not working on them in the front part of the workshop that is without central heating.

So if there is anything bad for a boxwood flute it is a lack of humidity. In a well centrally heated house and if you are living in the desert, for instance Phoenix or Las Vegas, this is a serious problem. There is no real solution but you could consider the following.

If there is a humidifier that would solve it if used properly. If possible you could have your flutes in a space where the central heating is low or not present.
If you play every day you could after playing dry the instrument leave it open half an hour then put it in its sack and do the whole thing in a plastic bag. But if you do not play for a week or more it will dry out nevertheless. You could keep the flute under a sizeable plastic bucket together with an open water container. The water will evaporate so you have to check whether there still is water every now and then.

Of course wood is wood and lives. so whatever you do it may give problems. However, those of you who ever had one know that I will help out quickly and usually at no cost.



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